Ted Todd

Brand names might not mean a lot to some, but when it comes to finding the perfect floor that is both durable and attractive, Ted Todd is one of the most well-known names in the industry. As a high-end brand that offers premium-quality flooring products, Ted Todd is one of the most trustworthy and reliable brands in flooring.

With an innovative approach to design and legendary durability, there’s a world of difference between Ted Todd flooring and lower-end options. For floors with unmatched quality and stunning designs, there are few brands that can even attempt to compete.

Why Choose Ted Todd?

Ted Todd have been crafting hardwood floors since 1993. With over two decades of experience, Ted Todd has consistently pushed the boundaries of wood floor designs and have a history of creating sustainable, durable and original flooring solutions for a range of different interiors. But why pick Ted Todd over other options? Here are just a few compelling reasons.

  1. A wide range of options. From plank and herringbone designs to burnished hard wax oil or matt lacquer finishes, Ted Todd offers a massive selection of unique flooring options.
  2. Guaranteed quality and durability. Ted Todd floors are crafted with decades of experience and are made with 100% natural and durable materials.
  3. Higher quality standards than most competing brands. Ted Todd has its own installation and maintenance guidelines which Grays & Brown Flooring will carry out flawlessly.
  4. The vast majority of Ted Todd’s new wood flooring options are FSC or PEFC certified to prove they care about sustainability.

Ted Todd Collections

As a leader in premium flooring products, Ted Todd creates a whole range of different flooring options that are categorised into collections. Here are just a few of the most well-known Ted Todd collections:


Flooring options infused with personality; wide plank patterns, open grains, and billowy textures make up this whimsical and modern collection.

Crafted Textures

Textured flooring surfaces that are both durable and high-quality.


An affordable yet trendy flooring collection that comes in a huge range of tones.

Specialist Woods

An impressive collection of flooring options crafted from specialists woods that are sourced all over the world including Pippy Burr Oak and Morado Wood.
Classic Tones – Timeless flooring products made from slow-grown European oak as a base.

Ted Todd partnership Grays & Brown Flooring

Grays & Brown Flooring is proud to offer Ted Todd products as part of our turnkey flooring service. From choosing the perfect flooring products to installing them to Ted Todd’s high-quality standards, we’ll take care of the entire project and leave you with beautiful flooring that will take your interior design to the next level. Our service is completely transparent and we’ll offer you impartial advice on the types of flooring options from Ted Todd that would be best for your interior design goals.

If you’re interested in Ted Todd products or would like to learn more about the prestigious flooring brand, feel free to contact us to reach a friendly member of the team who can guide you further.

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